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09.19.06 In Headlines, Webmistress Goes Missing and Troy Does Some Cool Stuff...

So, yes, there has been slack in updates but it has somethimg to do with slack in news.... TROY DO MORE!!! Come on, what kind of rockstar are you?

New pictures have recently surfaced on ENEMY's myspace page. Hopefully they are working on the new album!! Its nice to see some ENEMY life finally. I know our readers want new music just as much as we do.

In a video that recently was posted over at the QOTSA community, Joey has said that the new album will be out early next year. So there is a little Troyness to look forward to there. And as if almost on cue, probably because it was, the Queens website has a new front page... so good things to come there.

More excitingly (is that even a word or did I just make it up? Oh well, who cares?), in a recent interview over on the ENEMYonline forum, Eddie has said that he and Troy are working with Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag) on a project as well as two other projects, one that involves an "incredible Female" singer.

So maybe Troy doesn't really need to take on any more projects... Okay, you're off the hook this time.

06.29.06 Troy Climbing the Vine... Again.]

Troy will be the guest DJ at The Vine Bar in L.A. this weekend, July 1st. Once again this party goes off with out us. Check for more details on the Vine Bar.

05.22.06 Not A Rumor Anymore... ENEMY To Tour.

According to a message from Jason on MySpace, ENEMY is going to open for SRC on their summer west coast tour in July/August. Well will keep you posted.

05.18.06 Billy and Troy... together again brought us the bad news that APC is done for now. And where that may not be Troy news related, the rest of this is. Billy Howerdel has been working on some new material and "[t]wo weeks ago, Howerdel — who hasn't found a record label for his forthcoming, yet-untitled project — teamed up with Freese, Jonny Polanski ("The first bass player we had try out for A Perfect Circle"), ex-APC guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, and Freese's brother, keyboardist Jason Freese, "to flush them out in a live rehearsal situation." Of course, Howerdel's not sure his next band's going to feature any of these players.'I have some people in mind," he said. "There's a couple of people I've heard are looking to put a band together. I have a list of people I'm thinking about using as soon as it's ready.'" So I guess we will have to wait and see on that.

05.18.06 New Queens album in the works.

According to the Eagles of Death Metal, a new Queens of the Stone Age album is in the works. In a bulletin that they posted on their mySpace account, Josh was unable to perform with them tonight in New York due to their recording.No other news on this is currently available, but you know us, we will keep you posted. speaks out

"Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of The Stone Age... yadda yadda yadda fame has his own signature guitar now. It's made by Yamaha, and is kinda like a 335 with p-90's and a Bigsby. It's rad. Troy gave one to Aaron, and then Aaron wrote a review of it for Yamaha, but they bummed on it and wouldnt put it on their site. So here it is... if yer in the market for a new axe, you can't go wrong on this bad boy." Click Aaron's Review to read the review. And do think that I was going to ask that very question on the next NIN chat. Thanks Aaron babe!

Troy Climbing the Vine

Troy will be the guest DJ at The Vine Bar in L.A. this weekend, March 11th. We are glad that he was finally asked to perform, however, wish that we could go. So please send donations to the "Let us worship the DarkLordTroy/Get drunk in L.A." fund. Check for more details on the Vine Bar.

One of the Undeniable Mind Bombs of 2005

Enemy's debut release Hooray for Dark Matter has been named one of the "undeniable mind bombs" of 2005 by It's about damn time they finally caught up with what the rest of the world already knew... MrEnemy rocks it!

Win Troy's guitar

Register at the enemyonline forum for a chance to win one of Troy's guitars. Be aware that if you win as a result of our graciously providing you with the link to do so, you will officially owe us your soul. And don't think you can get off by offering us your first born, we don't want it.

Rolling Stones

Queens of the Stone Age will be opening for Rolling Stones. But you would have known that already if you had looked at our Show Reviews and Upcoming Performances page. Pay attention next time.



Albums in the Works

What kind of webmistresses would we be if we didn't tell you that a presumably reliable source has let it slip that not only is Revenge of the Triad back and working to release an album this year, but our own beloved Troy-troy has also returned to the studio to keep ENEMY's name fresh in our little minds. He is never one to disapoint but let us hope he doesn't pull the song writting muscle and cause the next ENEMY release to sound like NKOTB.

Troy You Tease
It's time for our favorite word to come popping up not that one. We are talking about a tour. Our sources report that in a possibly altered state of conciousness Troy might have mentioned something to a friend's cousin's brother-in-law's cat's little bird who informed a bush which then told us that when things wrap up for Queens this year there may be an ENEMY tour, providing of course that his fans meet their quota of hamster sacrifices*. (Or we might have just read it on a message board)
*MisterEnemy does not condone sacrificing hamsters, gerbils or any other small rodent to appease the Dark Lord Troy.
The Kangaroo Controversy
According to
"There have been some rumors floating around some reputable news sources recently that claim that one said guitar player of the band Queens of the Stone Age ran off with irresistibly cuddly kangaroo on recent Australian tour. We just want to set the record straight- it wasnt stop calling him and asking for rides in the pouch. That is sick people. I mean really. Pull yourselves together."
However, an interview with At The Shore went down like this:
"Q: The QOTSA website denies the rumors that you recently had a fling with a kangaroo in Australia. We want to know the real truth.
A: It wasn't a fling. It was a real long-distance relationship. My baby is still growing in the pouch. It's a touchy subject."
We at MisterEnemy want to know why the management is pressuring Troy to keep his relationship underwraps. Do the big wigs think the record buying public isn't progressive enough to accept love between a man and a kangaroo? Personally, we think that is just insulting and we applaud Troy for coming out in the open. Best of luck, you crazy kids.
Home Alone
The word on the street is that
"[w]hile leaving for their European tour someone forgot to tell Troy to go to the airport. He was last heard to be at home trimming a lemon tree. The first show will feature Troy's multi-instrumentalist cousin Francisco Van Leeuwan, who plays piano, lute, and electric marxophone. Needless to say he will be missed until he can catch up with the tour."
Perhaps when Troy finally does catch up with the rest of the crew, he will serve up some ice cold lemonade to show there are no hard feelings. And while we're on the subject, we really wish Francisco would stop approaching the female fans and saying "Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" It's just disrespectful not to mention a little creepy.
An Exhaustive Experience would have us believe that "Troy married his car, Jezebel, in a ceremony in Aqua Dulce, California on January 22, 2005.  Much to wedding goers horror, Troy decided to have the honeymoon on site at the reception. The wedding party could only gasp as he consummated the marriage with the unsuspecting Jezebel.  And sadly, Jezebel lost a tailpipe that day."
At press time, neither Troy nor Jezebel could be reached for comment, but a source that wished to be unnamed assured us that Jezebel is recovering nicely and Troy has since learned that she needs a man with a slow hand.

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