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Mister Enemy - A Troy Van Leeuwen Fan Site



A Sucker for a Good Time

Troy Van Leeuwen was born January 5, 1970 in what may or may not been Los Angeles, CA. He was first interested in drums but seemed to have a natural talent for guitars which he began playing at the age of 13.
Little is know about Troy's first band 60 Cycle, but he appears on their 1995 release Pretender and their 1996 self-titled release. Troy then went on to the band Failure with Greg Edwards, Ken Andrews, and Kellii Scott. Failure has been cited by critics as one of the most talented and almost revolutionary groups of the nineties music spectrum, although they never achieved commercial success. It was while touring with Failure that he met Joshua Homme for the first time. The book was closed on Failure after four records and Troy went on to do studio work with bands such as Orgy, Crazytown and Korn to name a few.
He wasn't even looking for a gig when A Perfect Circle's Maynard James Keenan approached him to come and check out the band. He felt APC was a good group of musicians who were playing good music together. He has described APC as having "good chemistry." Troy appeared on two APC albums before accepting the second guitarist position in Queens of the Stone Age where he had to learn approximately thirty songs in one week for the 2003 Songs for the Deaf tour.
His own band ENEMY with former Handsome bassist Eddie Nappi was said to have been started during APC down time. Their debut album, Hooray for Dark Matter, was released in October 2005.
His current projects include QOTSA, ENEMY, and a few that are without names..


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